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Savings and tracking process implementation
Our clients benefit from our rigorous and effective tracking process with clear external and internal accountabilities specific to your organization. This phase is critical in the achievement of the saving initiatives. We provide data driven, user friendly and highly intuitive tracking process to deliver fast and reliable data reconciliation. We develop metrics and scorecards contributing to convert negotiated cost reduction into realized savings.

We will implement and track the negotiated agreements for our client. We define processes to obtain necessary data (Excel files or automated systems – ref. Purchasing systems review). We analyze data to insure that terms of our agreements are in place and our clients gain the full benefit of our negotiations. We will follow-up until terms are implemented and all issues resolved. If appropriate, we will audit suppliers at no cost for our client.

Purchasing performance diagnosis
Cost reduction opportunity assessments
Cost reduction negotiation and saving initiatives
Savings and tracking process implementation
Purchasing systems review and recommendations
Supply chain management strategy formulation

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