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Purchasing systems review and recommendations
We perform a detailed review of your procurement systems (on-line ordering, vendors/product database, accounts payable, reporting tool, data reconciliation,…) to determine adequacy to support strategy, policies, processes and procedures. If appropriate, we recommend upgrading systems to strengthen procurement budgeting, competitive proposals and bidding procedures, purchasing controls/audits and compliance as well as monitor accountability to established guidelines.

We make recommendations based on your existing systems and your company profile. We can start with basic tracking tools and systems and reach complete system automation over time. This is the back-bone of the implementation of our cost reduction initiatives. We are extremely cost conscious and look for a high return on your investments and a timetable matching your agenda.

Purchasing performance diagnosis
Cost reduction opportunity assessments
Cost reduction negotiation and saving initiatives
Savings and tracking process implementation
Purchasing systems review and recommendations
Supply chain management strategy formulation

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