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What’s wrong with my food cost?

30 to 40% of your costs as a restaurant/foodservice operator / chain operator are related to the costs of goods you purchase to run your business. If you can, raise your sales prices. That’s an easy answer to food costs’ problems. But with the competitive landscape, probably easier to say than to do! In addition, “work” on your cost of goods… 3 buckets: 1/ Upstream: your menus, recipes and specifications drive your costs. Some ingredients are cheaper than others, ingredients come in different grades / brands. Situations vary based… Read More

Am I paying the right price?

Am I the only one who typically finds a better price on a product or service they purchased… a week or 2 later? Do you ever find yourself asking these questions? Fortunately what may happen to us in our personal lives does not happen to my clients. My clients buy millions of dollars in food and hospitality products. They have an advantage over us… they are buying the same/similar products over and over. Experience does matter and with the right approach you can ensure ongoing competitive pricing. Best… Read More

What Really Matters?

There are plenty of consultants and consulting firms in the marketplace. Supply Chain management consultants are no different than consultants in Strategy, IT, Accounting, Training, Comp & Benefits and other specialty fields. Like everything else, you have the good, the better and the best. Integrated services vs specialized practice. Large organization vs boutique firm. Flexible process vs standard approach. First questions you want to ask yourself: Do I need outside help or can my Team get me the results I want? Will I get enhanced results by using a 3rd… Read More

Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) Releases Top 100 Report

The NRN 2014 Top 100 Report of the largest restaurant chains and foodservice companies in the U.S. showed a total market size of $222.1 billion in sales in 2013, which represents a 3.2% increase over 2012, lagging behind the prior year's 5.6% increase, due to consumer cutbacks and the October 2013 government shutdown.  The largest segments are Burger (32.7%), Casual Dining (16.7%), Beverage-Snack (9.3%), Sandwich (8.6%), and Pizza (7.5%). For U.S. Chain Systemwide Sales, McDonald's is at the top of the list with $35.9 billion in… Read More

OPTIMBUY Adds Nicodemo Esposito as New Partner

Derwood, MD – June 2, 2014 Nicodemo “Nico” Esposito has joined OPTIMBUY, a leading provider of supply chain management and procurement solutions for clients in the food service and hospitality sector, as Partner and VP of Strategy & Development.  His focus will be on expanding the company’s client base, opening new markets, and broadening the company’s suite of products and services. With 15 years of experience in corporate development, strategy, and finance, Nico has been successful at creating shareholder value through the development of corporate strategy,… Read More