What Really Matters?

There are plenty of consultants and consulting firms in the marketplace.
Supply Chain management consultants are no different than consultants in Strategy, IT, Accounting, Training, Comp & Benefits and other specialty fields.
Like everything else, you have the good, the better and the best.

Integrated services vs specialized practice. Large organization vs boutique firm.
Flexible process vs standard approach.

First questions you want to ask yourself:
Do I need outside help or can my Team get me the results I want?
Will I get enhanced results by using a 3rd party? Will my Team learn from the process?
Do I really want to get new perspectives / benchmarks? Can I / my Team handle the scrutiny and the challenges?

Once past the hesitations and when ready to shop around, further questions will arise:
What are my specific needs? Where do I need the most support?
Who has the better background / experience / expertise?
How and how much they are going to charge me? More importantly, what’s my projected return on investment?
Will this process create more turmoil than benefits? What guarantees do I have?
How long will it take? What resources do I need to allocate to the process?

Select the consultants you and your Team are comfortable with who can deliver the results you are looking for.

It’s not always easy:
The larger firms have great people but the principals tend not to roll up their sleeves. The smaller firms can be overwhelmed with large, complex projects. Generalist(s) / multiservice firms may not have the edge on your specific need.

Follow a process, interview and test.
And of course… check past results and references!
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