Purchasing Performance Diagnosis

We will review your organization’s supply chain management strategy, process, systems, organization, results and goals, and then compare your existing practices to industry standards. We will also review your suppliers' profiles, performances and contractual commitments. From there, we will develop a fact-based report for each key component of your supply chain. We will then present you and/or the designated executives our actionable findings based on your company profile, and get their feedback and buy-in.

Our module of services’ first step is critical for the success of our mission. Based on our years of experience, our methodology is seamless for your organization. We proceed through in-depth review of internal documents and key interviews. We then make a point not to disturb your operations. We perform the analyses; we do not put more chores on your people’s shoulders.

Based on the complexity and size of your organization, it will take us two to three weeks to complete our diagnosis. During the presentation of our findings, we agree on options and recommendations for next steps.