Purchasing Performance Diagnosis

We will review your organization’s supply chain management strategy, process, systems, organization, results and goals, and then compare your existing practices to industry standards. We will also review your suppliers’ profiles, performances and contractual commitments. From there, we will develop a fact-based report for each key component of your supply chain. We will then present […] Read More

Cost Reduction Opportunity Assessments

Based on our diagnosis, we drill down and translate areas for improvements into quantifiable opportunities. We review your agreements, benchmark your pricing and identify priorities (sourcing categories, purchasing process improvement, spend leveraging, distribution and logistics, compliance control, and specifications requirements). Cost reduction impacts are assessed and evaluated based on realistic and achievable objectives, and then […] Read More

Purchasing Systems Review And Recommendations

We perform a detailed review of your procurement systems (online ordering, vendors/product databases, accounts payable, reporting tool, data reconciliation and so on) to determine adequacy to support strategy, policies, processes and procedures. If appropriate, we recommend upgrading systems to strengthen procurement budgeting, competitive proposals and bidding procedures, purchasing controls/audits and compliance as well as to […] Read More

Supply Chain Management Strategy Formulation

Supply chain management includes all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, systems and logistics as well as the tools used in executing supply chain transactions. We develop recommendations and plans enabling your company to move from managing individual functions to integrating activities into the overall company processes and aligning the supply chain strategy with the overall […] Read More

Cost Reduction Negotiation And Saving Initiatives

Following diagnosis and assessments is the strategic implementation of agreed-upon cost savings action plans. We meet with current suppliers and distributors to conduct direct negotiations on specs, service, price and other relevant terms for each category. We apply extensive negotiation expertise to establish best-in-class agreements and substantial results. If appropriate, we identify alternative suppliers to […] Read More

Savings And Tracking Process Implementation

Our clients benefit from our rigorous and effective tracking process with clear external and internal accountabilities specific to your organization. This phase is critical in the achievement of the saving initiatives. We provide data driven, user friendly and highly intuitive tracking processes to deliver fast and reliable data reconciliation. We develop metrics and scorecards contributing […] Read More

Outsourced Solution

Some clients will benefit from a total outsourced solution.  It can be the outsourcing of their “central” purchasing function, where we act as their “Purchasing Department”. We will staff in our Offices a purchasing team to negotiate with their suppliers and provide support to their operations / restaurants with logistics issues, new products sourcing and […] Read More

Data Management

OPTIMBUY has relationships with several data management Partners.  Our alliances bring under one roof OPTIMBUY’s unrivaled sourcing capability and our Partners’ robust spend analytics technology to help our clients consistently increase enterprise value. These Partners specialize in providing supply chain data reporting and analytics to food service and restaurant chains Clients nationwide. If you already have […] Read More

Additional Services

Organization Assessment and Staff TrainingSupply chain organization and purchasing expertise are key to achieving set goals and driving performance. We assess alignment and integration of the organization, and recommend optimization for better effectiveness and improvement. We articulate services and functions to be performed in-house or by outside service providers. We also establish a training framework […] Read More